Drum brake linings

Drum brake linings from FRIMA – more than just a brake lining

Developing drum brake linings for commercial vehicles which operate in the harshest conditions
represents a challenge for our engineers. Friction materials for these vehicles must be designed and
manufactured to deal with the kind of maximum performance which is not normal for vehicle brakes.

In the last two decades, the demands made of brakes for automobile trailers have increased continuously.
As a manufacturer of brake linings and pads for this sector, for many years we have always cooperated closely
with our customers and they are happy to involve us as their high-performance and innovative partner.

FRIMA friction linings are used in a large number of trailer brakes.
Additional uses for our drum brake linings include large-scale installations,
cranes, lifting equipment or separators, municipal vehicles and
agricultural technology such as agricultural and forestry vehicles.

Countless different vehicles brake and stop more reliably with FRIMA linings.